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Musician Extraordinaire


Naia Izumi is an extremely gifted guitarist who writes and performs the most soulful, sultry, sophisticated indie rock with strong hooks.

He was crowned winner of the 2018 Tiny Desk contest. This exposure elevated Izumi's math-influenced, free-form guitar work and powerful vocal delivery to public awareness.

Before winning the NPR Tiny Desk Contest in May 2018, Naia Izumi was performing on the busy streets of Los Angeles, turning heads with his intricate guitar playing, messages of empowerment and a stunning five-octave vocal range.

The team at NPR Music recognized Izumi’s voice out of 5,000 entries -- and a week later, he was touring across the US. Izumi’s music has helped him transcend his challenges with autism and being a soft-spoken person in a sea of promotion and marketing.

The following year, Naia was signed as a Sony Masterworks artist.  Under Sony, he has produced a number of music videos and released his first CD project entitled "A Residency In the Los Angeles Area." Now available on multiple platforms. 

As well as perform in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, Naia has toured the United States, performed in Japan, Thailand, Dubai, the Netherlands, etc., and has been featured on NPR Music, Ted Talks, Audiotree, Jam In The Van, Magic Leap, in Paste Magazine, Guitar World Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, Flood Magazine and so many more. And this is just the beginning... 

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Naia on Ted Talks

Naia - Expo 2020 in Dubai

Naia - Japan Tour.png

Naia - Japan Tour

Naia - Kyoto, Japan

"Music tells a story.  It creates a vibe that transcends everything. 
It brings people together.  Music chose me." 
 - Naia Izumi 

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Naia Izumi's Journey to the Tiny Desk
Naia's Official Tiny Desk Concert - Washington, DC
Good At Being Lonely - Official Video
Soft Spoken - Official Video

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